Another Great Year for Chance to Shine!

The numbers are in and it has been another incredible year for Chance to Shine.

The stats only tell half the story but nearly 350,000 children have benefitted from Chance to Shine this year, of which 46% were girls. Competition continues to play a vital part in the programme and over 78,000 structured matches were played this year. It is also incredibly important that Chance to Shine helps embed a sustainable cricketing culture around the country and over 15,000 children migrated to clubs in 2012. In the seven years of Chance to Shine nearly 55,000 youngsters have moved to clubs, making a vital contribution to youth cricket around the country.

2012 Chance to Shine Outcomes:

Boys and girls participated in the programme, 46% of whom were girls, with 12% from BME backgrounds and 5% with special educational needs.

3,584 primary schools, 111 middle schools, 603 secondary schools and 207 special schools were involved in the programme.

Coaches delivered 58,738 hours of coaching in schools through 43,851 curriculum and extra-curricular sessions, of which 72% were during curriculum time.

Coaches delivered 8,211 coaching hours for schools through introductory sessions and new activity at local clubs. In addition, 2,413 assembly visits were delivered and 9,826 teachers attended informal training sessions.

78,503 structured matches were played by schools, 61% of which were intra-school. In total, 69,869 Kwik Cricket, 7,004 Inter-cricket, 1,404 hard-ball cricket and 226 table cricket matches were played.

15,042 children, 31% of whom were girls, migrated from Chance to Shine schools to clubs, representing a conversion rate of 4.6%. Of these, 3,021 migrated to clubs outside the remit of Chance to Shine.

Overall, 54,551 boys and girls have migrated from schools to clubs during the first seven years.

56% of the 12,532 that migrated in 2011 have remained with their club in 2012.

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