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Support from Trusts and Foundations is essential support our work inspiring young people through cricket.

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Whether it’s through long-term commitments, localised funding or unrestricted gifts, partnerships with Trusts and Foundations are hugely important to helping us to grow as an organisation – and ultimately support more young people to play and learn through cricket.

They enable us to be innovative and bold, and to reach places where our work can make a difference. Investment from Trusts and Foundations has helped us to better understand the impact of what we do, build stronger relationships at a local level and given us the security to think creatively about how cricket can be used as a tool to help young people build valuable life skills.

Here are some examples of how we work with Trusts and Foundations:

Supporting young people in Southwark

Charterhouse in Southwark have funded our Primary Schools and Street projects in Southwark since 2014, helping us to reach over 1,500 young people in that time. Through this partnership we have also set-up an annual cricket game between Street participants and Charterhouse School students, in the state-of-the-art grounds of the Surrey public school. Alongside the funding, this has helped us to provide even more positive opportunities for the young people we work with.


In 2017, a significant grant from the Fidelity UK Foundation helped Chance to Shine to produce a brand new programme of cricket-themed curriculum resources for Primary Schools. The project represents a major development for Chance to Shine, enhancing the educational impact of our inclusive cricket activities. Just one year on from the grant, these innovative resources are being used by over 4,000 schools around the country.

‘We’ve been delighted to work with Chance to Shine over the past few years. As a funder, we are dedicated to improving the life prospects of disadvantaged young people in Southwark – and through our partnership with Chance to Shine, we’ve had the opportunity to see first-hand how their cricket programmes do just that.’

-Madeleine Aldridge, Director, Charterhouse in Southwark.


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For further information, or to find out more about how your organisation can work with Chance to Shine to enable young people to play and learn through cricket, please contact:

Sam Armour, Trusts and Foundations Manager

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