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Too many children are missing out on the many benefits of playing sport and being active. We know how important it is to not only give children the opportunity to play, but to help develop their confidence to keep doing so. 



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Sport England Active Lives Survey showed that 53% of young people are not getting the recommended level of daily activity (60 minutes per day)

Children from certain groups are even more likely to be inactive:

Asian children
Black children
Children from low affluence families
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of girls aged 5 to 10 do not participate in any sport outside of school compared to 12% of boys the same age. The gap widens as girls enter secondary school.

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of teenagers from a South Asian background are part of a sport club, compared to 32% of White British young people the same age.

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Over the course of a year, just 24% of children from lower socio-economic groups participate in any competitive sport outside school, compared to 41% of more affluent children.

Experiences as a child shape a person’s attitude towards sport, and many people drop out of regular sport before they reach the age of 14. A positive experience of sport at school can contribute to a lifetime of participation and a negative experience may narrow perceptions of sport and put someone off forever. 

No single approach works for all children, but having fun while building basic physical literacy and confidence in abilities are the cornerstones of keeping children in sports. We know cricket helps children build the skills and confidence needed for a healthy life. 



Street in Rochdale

Rochdale Street project takes place every Monday at the local leisure centre welcoming up to 70 young people every week, many of whom are from ethnically diverse communities. The project is located in an area where 28% of children receive free school meals and 44% of children are getting less...

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