Statement: Cricket Scotland

Everyone at Chance to Shine was saddened to read the findings of Plan4Sport’s independent review into Cricket Scotland. First and foremost, our thoughts are with all of those people in Scotland who have experienced any form of discrimination and we commend their bravery for speaking out.

In 2021 we began to deliver programmes in partnership with Cricket Scotland for the first time, working in primary schools and setting up street projects across Edinburgh and Aberdeenshire.

Whilst the report has not highlighted any issues involving the delivery of our programmes, it is unacceptable that anyone should feel unwelcome when participating in the sport.

Our charity’s work ensures that all children can play, learn and develop through cricket and we know our delivery is vital if the sport is to continue to revaluate, rebuild and ensure that no young person faces barriers to picking up a bat and ball.

We remain committed to delivering in Scotland and believe that depriving children of the opportunity to play cricket at this moment in time would be counterproductive.

We will be working closely with Cricket Scotland to ensure that the charity’s values continue to be upheld around every aspect of our delivery in the country, and will ensure that everyone involved in our programmes continues to have the opportunity to raise any concerns or issues via our Whistleblowing policy.

As part of our ongoing equity, diversity and inclusion work – we will also be considering the 31-point assessment produced by Plan4Sport to take an inward look at our current operations.

A copy of our recently published EDI strategy can be found here.

Chance to Shine truly believe that our work is now more important than ever in Scotland, as it has been in England and Wales, and are fully committed to ensuring that cricket can provide an inclusive, welcoming and nurturing environment that allows all young people to thrive.


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