Runners give their tips to shine

We sat down with our Virgin London Marathon recently to find out how their training has been going, hear their training tips and discover what inspired them to run for Chance to Shine.

Billy the Trumpet
Running the Marathon is a massive challenge for someone like me. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and this is the year to do it.

Hopefully people will support because it’s for a very good cause. If people pay just £15, it helps to support a child’s cricket coaching for a year. All the money goes to a very worthy cause to help children that don’t have the opportunities that other children have, so it all links into cricket. Hopefully I can be a shining example of someone who can improve, lose weight and get fitter through Chance to Shine!

I’ve got three tops tips for any aspiring marathon runners:

-Stick to a routine.
-If you know anyone else who is running the marathon, train with them. It’s easier to train with someone than by yourself.
-Vary the conditions you train in. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you are finding it difficult training on routes with lots of hills. The marathon is fairly flat so will be easier!

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Simon Fielder, Producer of An Evening with Boycott and Aggers

I took the challenge seriously and got a doctor’s check-up and went to a specialist running shop to be sure I had the right shoes. I downloaded the Virgin Marathon Training Guide and followed it closely. Realising my back was suffering, I joined a gym and got a programme designed to fill in the midweek runs and deliver low-impact training. I was prescribed Naproxen to help with back pain and allow me to keep my shape while training. I was up to two hours forty on my Sunday runs and feeling good.

Then two weeks ago, I discovered that I had an iliotibial band as it flared up after two and a half hours on one Sunday and was told by a sports physio that I should have come to see him first before I’d even started running. He banned me from running for 10 days while it recovers and is re-educating my legs on how to run correctly. I am keeping up the gym work and should be back on the roads in a few days. The moral: however careful you are and however hard you work, something unexpected can always come along. So be flexible in your aims, attitude and approach and remember that the main thing is arrive at the starting line as uninjured as possible!

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Simon Tremlin, Head Groundsman at Wormsley Cricket Ground
For a tip, how about DON’T DO IT!

As someone used to team sports I’ve found the training the toughest part. I did a few half marathons and 10 ks during the training which I preferred as it felt more competitive. I recommend buying a good running magazine and follow the training programme.

I’m lucky in that I’ve got a great girlfriend who has helped wean me off cider, Guinness and curries for a few months!

Make sure you get good shoes and find gadgets and equipment that you find helpful. I’ve gone back to using sweatbands for the first time since I was a teen! I look daft but they’re very useful.

Try to vary your runs. I’ve done a mixture of off road, treadmill and road running which helped the boredom! I just hope that I’ve done enough. I can’t wait for the day and the atmosphere.

Simon is running the Virgin London Marathon for Chance to Shine. Please sponsor him:


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