Learning through cricket

We have created a powerful bank of free resources for primary schools, so teachers can lead their own cricket sessions with confidence.

Covering both playing and learning through the game across Key Stage 1, Lower Key Stage 2 and Upper Key Stage 2, the seven key features of our new resources are:

1. Completely FREE of charge – All the new lesson plans are freely available


2. Easy to use – Simple lesson plans and instructional videos ensure that anyone, regardless of their previous experience of PE and cricket, can deliver them effectively

3. Inclusive – Players of all abilities and experience can take part. Every lesson plan shows teachers how to make the games easier or harder

4. Not just cricket – Students will bat, bowl, throw, catch, run and jump, but through our partnership with Marylebone Cricket Club and the MCC Spirit of Cricket message, they’ll also learn key life skills such as teamwork, communication, respect and inclusion.

5. A tool to teach the National Curriculum; NOT extra work! – Developed in partnership with the Youth Sport Trust, every ‘Play’ session plan focuses on fundamental movement skills, while ‘Learn’ activities use cricket to enliven and help teach core curriculum subjects.

6. Fun –
 The programme has been designed to maximise involvement and focus on each child’s personal best, ensuring that all students, and their teachers, have lots of fun!

7. The start, but definitely not the end – Through our strong partnership with the England & Wales Cricket Board and its All Stars Cricket programme, Chance to Shine hopes that many students will want to keep playing, learning and having fun at their local cricket club or All Stars Cricket centre.

Register for your free resources now here 


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