Introducing Our New Strategy: ‘Limitless Futures’

Chance to Shine has today unveiled a new four-year strategy, which sets out our plans to inspire one million children every year through cricket.

The new strategy, entitled ‘Limitless Futures’, outlines ambitions to further improve wellbeing amongst young people and a continued prioritisation of underserved communities (young people living in poverty and those who are inactive).

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We will focus on ensuring that those who start their cricket journey through Chance to Shine at primary school can continue to play at secondary school and in their local community, either at a cricket club or through a Chance to Shine Street cricket club. Key to this will be an expansion of our footprint in secondary schools.

Laura Cordingley introduces our Strategy: ‘Limitless Futures’

This expansion of secondary school delivery will tie into a planned growth of our expert coaching workforce, driven by further introduction of leadership, umpiring and coach development opportunities throughout Chance to Shine programmes – giving young people the opportunity to be the next generation of leaders.

The new strategy highlights the importance of ongoing collaboration and partnerships to heighten the impact of cricket in communities across England, Wales and Scotland – as well as a movement to ensure that young people have the chance to make their voice heard and influence the future of the organisation’s work.

“We’re confident we’ve proven the impact of our work. Young people who take part in Chance to Shine develop their wellbeing, improve their confidence and resilience, they develop friends and leadership skills. They tell us they like cricket as a result and they tell us they want to continue playing sport. It’s incumbent on us to try and do as much as we can to make sure that as many of those young people as possible get to develop those life skills and get to take part in cricket for as long as they can.”

Laura Cordingley, CEO

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