An update from our Street and “Lead Your Ship’ programmes

Rohan Randhawa is our Inclusive Programmes Manager at Chance to Shine. In this article, Rohan gives us an update on Chance to Shine Street and the ‘Lead Your Ship’ programme.

The Challenges

Since the re-start of Chance to Shine Street, we have seen a slow return of participants to projects across the country. With the support of our fantastic and committed delivery partner network, we are now close to actively delivering 200 separate Street projects nationwide and engaging 6,000 young participants once again. This means that the young people who need it the most, are getting the vital opportunity to take part in cricket and engage with their friends and coaches at weekly sessions.

We have recently gone through a self-assessment process with all county boards to support them and ensure that their projects are sustainable for the future. We are also now looking to expand our Street programme in several parts of the country in areas of high deprivation.

Through our research we have identified target groups from lower socio-economic backgrounds that include refugees, black and south Asian communities and girls.

We have identified numerous challenges for these target groups such as financial hardship, lack of equipment, lack of a role model, access to methods of travel, language barriers and many more.

At Chance to Shine we feel it’s our duty to support these young people to prosper and have an equal opportunity to take part in cricket and develop in their wider lives.

Street Competitions

We have also seen the return of the all-important competition element of Street which our participants look forward to all year.

13 regional competitions are taking place between April and June with the winners going through to the National Street finals at Lord’s Cricket Ground and Nottingham University in August.

Without this opportunity it’s unlikely that many participants would be able to play competitive cricket elsewhere.

Lead Your Ship

Another area of the charity we have supported further, in partnership with TSA Education and Sport, is the ‘Lead Your Ship’ Programme which aims to give young people the tools to navigate safely in today’s inner city youth culture.

The programme is currently being delivered in 20 London, Birmingham and Bournemouth schools with young people at risk of exclusion or criminal activity. ‘Lead Your Ship’ combines Street cricket with workshops that highlight the issues that young people face in their day to day lives such as gang affiliation and joint enterprise.


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