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When Dan Grounds was in Year 3 at Oulton First Primary School in Stone, Staffordshire, he experienced a day that will live long in his memory. Oulton had recently become one of the first schools in the area to become involved with the Chance to Shine programme, and Jim Dawson, who works for Staffordshire Cricket and Chance to Shine, was visiting the school to deliver the session. It sparked something in the youngster. Dan was hooked. Although
initially interested only in playing the game, he has since found a passion for coaching it too.

With a week of work experience coming up, Dan decided to develop his interest in cricket coaching. Seeing work experience as an opportunity to give back to his community, he went back to his old primary school – under the auspices of Staffordshire Cricket and in conjunction with Chance to Shine – to coach some classes. Dan was now inspiring kids just a few years after he himself had had the spark of cricket lit inside him.




Watch Dan’s story here:

Dan, now 15, is fully onboard with the ethos of Chance to Shine, and it is evident that he wants to make a change to young people’s lives. “I was able to tell the children where I play now and how much fun I have had since leaving Oulton – hopefully it will give them something to aspire to.” Jim is in no doubt of the impact Dan has had: “Having him back here, just delivering to children where he was seven or eight years ago, is really good to see. You can see the juniors are really enjoying him being part of the session.”


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