Cricket crowned at Windsor

When Lancashire Cricket Foundation coach Greg Pennington arrives at Windsor Primary School in Toxteth, Liverpool, it’s to a reception
befitting of Her Majesty! “They bound in excited and interested and absolutely delighted to see me – which is great!” Greg says “They’re looking forward to the sessions and are always really positive.”

The school is in a deprived area of the city, where nearly two-thirds of pupils receive Free School Meals. PE teacher Joe Chaplin was keen to introduce cricket as an alternative to football which dominates the city.

What has impressed Joe the most is how every pupils joins in, especially the children who might usually hang around the fringes of a PE lesson. Joe credits Greg’s coaching skills: “Greg made sure the less confident children were always getting involved, giving them chances to develop their skills. Now, I see them out on the yard practicing what they’d learnt, at lunchtimes and breaktimes.”

Not only are the children playing in school but they’re keen to take any other opportunities they can: “There’s demand there for after-school clubs, the kids were really desperate to do more cricket!” Having completed a coaching course, Joe has got the skills and confidence to lead those extra opportunities.

When Greg gets into his car at the end of the day, he knows it’s a job well done: “There’s always such buzz when they were leaving the sessions, smiles on faces and such a positive feeling in the room.” He is confident that the foundation for a strong cricketing lineage at Windsor has been built.


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