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Adam Sampson, Head teacher at Godalming Junior School in Surrey, tells us about his experience of Chance to Shine:

“This is our second year of receiving support from Chance to Shine, from [coach] Vicki Howard. We wanted to try and catch a different type of child and get them into local clubs. Cricket requires a lot of thought and tactics, it’s not only about strength or skill, so I think it’s very accessible and that’s why we’ve been pushing it.

“It’s a great initiative to be a part of. We made sure Vicki’s coaching was spread out across the whole school, so 230 children received some of that free coaching. What was particularly powerful was how children were sign-posted to two local clubs – as a result, uptake was really fantastic, girl uptake in particular.”

“The class teachers were encouraged to make notes on the coaching models and games in order for it to be embedded more and be sustainable, so when it came back to us delivering our own PE programme they would be a lot more confident.”

“It’s been a big turning point, we’ve gone to The Oval to see a game and done lots of things – we’ve become a central hub for cricket in the area, which is great, and the local newspaper came in and did a piece on how we had developed cricket in the area, not just in the school but also signposting to the local clubs.”

“I don’t think we could have done it without Chance to Shine. There are always things that will get in the way, so having someone like Vicki to lead this, and having people from a proper cricket club come in, makes people sit up and notice. I think it’s making sure whatever links that we’ve made continue to grow legs, and they’re things that can be sustained now that the teachers are more comfortable to deliver it. We want to make sure that cricket continues to grow.”


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