Vaughan and Hazell celebrate National Cricket Week in Bradford

Former England cricketers Michael Vaughan and Dani Hazell inspired young cricketers as part of a Yorkshire Cricket Foundation Festival on the final day (Friday 28 June) of Yorkshire Tea National Cricket Week. The festival at Karmand Community Centre in Bradford saw 240 children from eight schools participate in a day of cricket.

Vaughan and Hazell joined the pupils as they took part in a series of cricketing activities including Visually Impaired cricket and learning a celebratory World Cup dance! The pupils also had the opportunity to play alongside the two England stars, receiving some useful batting and bowling tips. An impromptu autograph session followed with all 240 pupils receiving a special bat and ball for taking part in the day.

Speaking on the day, Hazell noted “there was no cricket at all in school when I was their age so it is great to see so many young boys and girls having the opportunity to take part in a cricket festival during Yorkshire Tea National Cricket Week”.

Vaughan agreed that children should have more opportunities to be active, “It is the sort of thing there should be more of in schools, it’s as important as English or maths”.


Chance to Shine is a national cricket charity that aims to give all children the opportunity to play and learn through cricket. They deliver coaching sessions in 1 in 5 primary schools across the country, teaching children life skills like communication, teamwork and respect through the sport.

Into its sixth year, Yorkshire Tea National Cricket week is a celebration of cricket that sees around 1500 schools take part and this year runs from 24 – 28 June. Chance to Shine and Yorkshire Tea work together to inspire thousands of children across the country to take part in cricket-themed activities in the classroom, playground and community hubs across England and Wales.

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