The ‘heroes’ victorious at Birmingham StreetChance half term tournament

Birmingham StreetChance held its October half term tournament on Tuesday 25th with 35 children aged from eight to sixteen taking part.

Young people from across the Saltley and Sparkhill areas of the city took part in the competition which was held at Saltley Leisure Centre, one of the StreetChance community venues. They were not only competing for a trophy but also for the chance to be selected to play against another StreetChance city.

Despite the wide range of ages, the participants were split into five teams: Challengers, Warriors, Heroes, Champions and Super Kings, with the Heroes victorious and the Challengers finishing as runners up.

There was some excellent cricket played, which was particularly impressive given the wide spread of ages, with many of the older players supporting and helping the younger ones.

Following performances in the tournament, a team has been selected to represent Birmingham at the launch of StreetChance Bristol today (27th October).


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