Stories behind Chance to Shine – Kingsley, Cheshire

Competitive cricket is firmly on the front foot in the Cheshire village of Kingsley thanks to the growing influence of Chance to Shine.

Staff and pupils at Kingsley’s two primary schools have been so impressed with the Brit Insurance-backed coaching programme that they are desperate to be involved in the scheme again in 2013.

Janet Dearden, senior teacher at Kingsley St John’s School, was unsure about Chance to Shine initially but was quickly won over by the fantastic coaching delivered by Cheshire Cricket Board Development Officer Mark Greaves. Janet said: “The children have loved every minute of their time playing cricket. When first contacted about Chance to Shine and the cricket I was not sure because of the time of year with Sats etc, but it has been fantastic. It gave my class their time to shine, thank you.”

Children at Kingsley St John’s were given the task of writing a letter to someone who had visited the school and impressed them, and Mark was singled out for special praise.

Year Six pupil Jessica said:”I never thought I could play cricket but Mark has really helped me and I am quite good now.”

Her classmate Toby added: “I think Mark and the cricket are great. Can we keep playing cricket. It’s so much fun!”

Mark Greaves is an ECB Level Three coach and is the Board’s Development and Coaching Officer for Mid-Cheshire. He delivers a quality year-round programme to schools, clubs and community groups.

Down the road at Kingsley Community School, teacher Helen Cottrell was equally impressed with Mark’s work and the ethos behind the whole Chance to Shine programme. She said: “Chance to Shine has been a superb opportunity to promote activity and enjoyment through cricket. As a result of the programme, several children have expressed an interest in joining local clubs. Thanks very much to Mark Greaves for leading such informative and entertaining sessions.”

Helen added: “Please, please come back next year!”


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