Stories behind Chance to Shine: Eddie and Connor’s Story

We were there when Eddie was nine, we’re there now he’s seventeen.

Connor and Eddie have both had a long journey with Chance to Shine, starting in the playground, now both in the County ground.

Eddie’s first contact with Chance to Shine was when Phil Mustard and Danielle Hazell visited his primary school and says ‘it was kind of an inspiration, especially for me at the time, wanting to be a wicket keeper’.

He lists the highlight of his career so far to be when he was offered a place in the Durham Academy squad at just 15 and said it ‘was a turning point that gave me the motivation to say I could be a professional cricketer’.

”Really amazing charity” – Eddie Connor began coaching at his local club as a way of giving back to those who had helped him build upon his skill and shortly after began leading the development squad.

They’ve done a lot for me, I wanted to give something back’ – Connor was recently nominated by his club and won a National Chance to Shine award, prompting Connor to look to the future, saying, ‘I want to play with a Durham badge on my chest!’


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