Pupils raise festive cheer for Chance to Shine

Pupils from Johanna Primary School in Waterloo had a special visitor last Thursday (15 December) as they got their entrepreneurial juices flowing in aid of ‘Chance to Shine supported by Brit Insurance’.

The Governor of the Bank of England and Chance to Shine President Sir Mervyn King was in attendance as pupils ran a market stall near Waterloo station selling brownies to local shoppers. The Governor was on hand to give the children some advice and tips as they managed to raise over £170 for Chance to Shine.

The project came to fruition after the Governor gave the class £10 on Brit Insurance National Cricket Day back in June to reinvest and build their own business. The kids worked with numerous local businesses to build up their knowledge and expertise and the culmination was their successful market stall.

Visiting the stall, Sir Mervyn King said: “I am very impressed by the entrepreneurial talents the pupils at Johanna Primary School have displayed in setting up this market stall. It is clear they have put a great deal of creativity, enthusiasm and energy into this project which will raise funds for the Chance to Shine charity. Their efforts have also generated the support of many local businesses in Waterloo, bringing together the local community to focus on a common goal.”

Speaking at the event, school principal Di Morgan said: “For us this has been a real example of teaching the children business and enterprise skills in a fun and creative way. By starting this project, Sir Mervyn has given these children a critical insight into the world of commerce.”


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