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Last year, around 400,000 children missed out on the opportunity to play cricket at school or their local Street project.

Through playing cricket, children develop their confidence, self-esteem and resilience. The long term impact of Covid-19 on young people is now beginning to be understood.

In the wake of the pandemic, it is vital that young people have the opportunity to learn and grow through sport. We want to support them to re-engage with physical activity and sport, reconnect with friends and to rebuild their confidence. As schools return in September, Chance to Shine sessions are needed more than ever.

Creating Confident Cricketers

In primary schools, we deliver weekly coaching sessions and competitions linked to the PE National Curriculum, over a half-term. Through teacher training and digital resources, we support schools to continue delivering cricket year-round.

Chance to Shine is determined to ensure all children have the chance to flourish through cricket. For the first time this year, the charity reached gender parity with 50% boys and girls. 84% of Chance to Shine sessions engage those less likely to play sport outside of school, whilst 88% of schools who had Chance to Shine intended to have cricket in the curriculum the following year. Our programme leaves a legacy!


Chance to Shine needs your help to reach 5,000 state primary schools in 21/22

We are fortunate to have supporters who are passionate about cricket and all it can do for children and young people. We need your help now more than ever. In an academic year, our primary schools programme costs £3,000,000, giving over 600,000 children, across 5,000 state primary schools, Chance to Shine sessions. We have wonderful support from ECB, but we need to raise a further £500,000 from supporters each year to make this a reality.

We need your help to ensure Chance to Shine can continue to keep children active, and support their mental, personal and social wellbeing.

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