Chance to Shine children send a ‘good luck’ message to the England team

It’s been a challenging few weeks for the England cricket team in Australia, who are trailing 2-0 in the Ashes series, but children at Chance to Shine schools are keeping the faith.

To give the national team a boost, pupils from across the country have recorded a special ‘good luck’ video message, with a distinct Christmas flavour!

Young people from half a dozen schools, from Kent to Halifax, urged the England team to beat the Aussies and bring back the Ashes.

One pupil from Oak Tree Primary in Nottinghamshire advised the players to “keep going, never give up and believe in yourself”. While students from Westoning Lower School in Bedfordshire reminded them, “You’ve beaten Australia before, you can beat them again!”

The Chance to Shine schools that took part in the video are Greenfield Lower school (Bedfordshire), Kingsmoor Lower School (Bedfordshire), Ling Bob Primary School, Marjorie McClure Special School (Kent), Oak Tree Primary (Nottinghamshire) and Westoning Lower School (Bedfordshire).

All donations to Chance to Shine during the Ashes will be doubled.

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