Brand new, FREE resources for secondary school teachers

Chance to Shine is today (5 November) launching a range of free teaching resources for secondary schools, funded by Sport England, which are available to download from its Schools’ Portal.

Following the success of its primary school resources and a demand from secondary schools, Chance to Shine teamed up once again with Youth Sport Trust to develop 70 brand new resources for both the classroom and playground.



The Key Stage 3 ‘Play’ resource features six sessions and 15 innovative cricket activities covering core batting, bowling and fielding skills; each with videos, diagrams and step-by-step instructions to make it simple for teachers to pick up and use with their students.

Youth Sport Trust helped Chance to Shine devise a series of accessible, cricket-themed Maths, English and PE lesson plans, all linked to the National Curriculum, to help engage even the most reluctant students from Key Stages 3 and 4:

  • The KS3 and GCSE Maths modules help with the statistics component of the Curriculum. They include England Cricket scorecards to help teach areas like mean, mode, median, range and frequency tables. Sky Cricket’s statistician Benedict Bermange helped introduce films for the module.
  • The KS3 English sessions are designed to inspire young people who are reluctant readers to read more regularly and to read for pleasure. They aim to motivate and incentivise students with a range of texts – including England captain biographies and book reviews – and to reward frequent reading using a downloadable reading scorebook.
  • The GCSE PE module supports the teaching of Movement Analysis, helping students develop knowledge and understanding of the basic principles of movement, including lever systems, planes and axes. Images of the World Cup winning England team are included in a downloadable student worksheet.
  • The GCSE English lesson plans support the Non-Examination Assessment, Speaking and Listening component of the National Curriculum. They take students through a step-by-step process of structuring and making a presentation. BBC broadcaster Alison Mitchell provides presenting tips in a series of videos giving students a real insight into the media sector.

Chance to Shine has also developed a series of new ‘Inspire’ resources to teach young people leadership skills. The KS3 Primary Spark module aims to give 12 to 14-year olds transferable skills to help support primary school students.

Similarly, KS3 Transition Titans trains 11 to 13-year olds to promote healthy, active lifestyles for primary school children, especially those who are about to move to secondary school.

There is also a new 6-week course, KS4 Run Your Club, for 13 to 15-year olds to help them develop as young leaders in school, community and club settings.

Finally, Chance to Shine has bolstered further the ‘Compete’ section of its Schools’ Portal with a KS3/4 Skills Challenges module. This includes five new cricket skills activities to help teach students movement and coordination, throwing, bowling, catching and batting. Each skills station includes a video, diagram and instructions for teachers on how to set up, how to play and how to include and challenge all pupils.

The section also covers all the information on the charity’s national secondary school competition, Chance to Compete, with rules and downloadable scoresheets for both indoor and outdoor, Under 13 and Under 15 cricket tournaments.

Speaking at the launch of the new secondary school resources, Chance to Shine Operations Director Steve Peyman said, “We’re excited and proud to deliver this range of new, innovative, engaging and free resources to secondary schools, thanks to funding from Sport England. The success of our Schools’ Portal is really helping to sustain cricket in schools as teachers and young leaders deliver coaching sessions in their school, community and clubs.”

Over 12,000 teachers have registered for Chance to Shine’s teaching resources since 2017 and the charity worked closely with the Cricket World Cup this summer to engage more schools.

Teachers can register and download all the resources for free at

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