Chance to Shine Schools Case Study Form

The Chance to Shine Schools programme aims to give pupils a brilliant first experience of cricket. While building up the physical benefits of regular activity, we use cricket to teach pupils important key life skills like communication, leadership and perseverance that will benefit them throughout their life.  

We want to hear about what cricket has done for the pupils, how their teachers have embraced the sport and how the school encourages pupils to play cricket and become leaders outside of their Chance to Shine sessions.  

The school must have received the Chance to Shine Primary Schools programme, the Secondary School Girls’ Leadership programme or participated in Chance to Compete. You may want to consider some of the questions below but please share any other points of interest.  

If you would like to submit a video, instead of completing the form below, please send it to  

Here are some examples of our favourite case studies: 

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