Muskan’s Magic

Muskan Ratti only started playing cricket three years ago, but she is already a leader and role model for the other girls at Featherstone High School. “She is really the driving force of cricket at Featherstone,” says Middlesex CCB’s Sharon Eyers. “Without her enthusiasm, excitement, and rallying, it would be nowhere near as good as it is.”

Sharon credits a Chance to Shine funded leadership course with Muskan’s development, saying that upon her return “she just changed completely as a girl and as a leader”. Muskan agrees that cricket has given her new confidence. “I used to be shy but now I’m confident and I can talk to other people. Cricket taught me to be a leader.”

PE teacher Anya McKeever tells the story of how, thanks to Muskan, cricket grew in the school: “She went round rallying all her friends telling them how good cricket was and all of the different qualities it can bring out in you.” Muskan is now a figure that the girls look up to. “She’s a massive role model in the school. All of the younger girls know who she is and aspire to be like her,” says Anya.

Pupil Angela credits Muskan with helping her game: “She’s helped me bowl. I’ve been improving over the years because of Muskan. She’s a really good leader.” Helping others improve is a challenge Muskan relishes, because of the enjoyment others get out of playing. “I enjoy teaching other people, trying to get them to learn the sport. Everyone has one motive, to play cricket and have fun.”

Find out why Muskan was named Young Leader of the Year 2017:


Muskan is the first girl from Featherstone to play cricket at an outside club, which she describes as “amazing for the school”. She plays for Indian Gymkhana’s under 10s and under 13s boys teams, as well as their ladies team, and hopes to go on and play for England.

She believes every girl should give cricket a go if they get the chance. “My message to young girls is ‘Play the sport’, maybe you have the hidden talent.’” Muskan grabbed her opportunity, and now both she and Featherstone High are reaping the rewards.


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