Cricket Unlocked In Camden

“Before the Chance to Shine Street project, there wasn’t much cricket here in Camden.” So says Middlesex county cricket board coach Shakeel Ahmed. But now those children who want to progress their games but are not yet ready to make the step up to hard-ball cricket at a local club have the opportunity to attend regular coaching sessions.

Developing social skills within the framework of Chance to Shine is hugely important. Shakeel says: “It takes away all the tensions because it’s a team game. It focuses your mind on competition, on improvement, on socialising, and takes your mind away from all other negative things.” Community volunteer Selem Ali agrees, adding that cricket provides these young people with “something better to do other than go on the streets and get up to no good”.





Watch why Camden was named Project of the Year in 2016:

This is good not only for the children, but for the parents too, who, says Shakeel, can see their children “going to a session, making new friends, being physically active, and being part of a club,” while being safe in the knowledge that their children are staying on a positive path.

The ‘Street’ cricketers enjoy a great relationship with their coaches. They speak of how the coaches speak to them as equals, while Shakeel describes how those inspired by the work the coaches do are able to follow in their footsteps: “Some young children want to take the coaching path, so they can get involved whenever they want. That helps massively with confidence and social skills.”

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